25 August 2007

[liff] Caturday, with Special Guests Boots and Gimel, featuring a Special Short Subject

920. Ah, filial piety:

Boots is the jellicle up front. Gimel is giving her mommy a little groom, there. Gimel is also kind of insane. You know the girl that some families have, she's a wild child, kind of lovable but also rather maddening, and she's usually this wiry, active person.

That's our Gimel. A perfectly healthy, adorable, 8-pound bonsai kitty that's kind of crazy. You love her despite yourself, and despite her, as well, too, also.

And now, our featured digital short, courtesy of a pic ripped off of Hot, Fresh, Now:

It's a digital short because...well, it's in a digital format. And it's shorter than the above pic. Duh.

For me and my house, we're waiting until we have at least two more versions of that thing out, and an income. Definitely that.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

I love kitties. I only have one at the moment, but you are inspiring me to get another one...your blog's been good lately btw.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, there's probably some little shelter darling for whom you'd be just the cat's meow, so to speak.

Thanks for the props...whatever I'm doing that's working for you, I'll try to keep it up!

Britt said...

One? One? How can anyone have only one cat? Sam, tell that man to get another cat, stat.

- The Wife (tm)