19 August 2007

[design] Low Budget Submission

907. You ever try for something you don't think you'll have much of a chance at but think you can do and hope someone else will agree?

I'm in that spot now. It's a forlorn but happy place: I'm actually having to create under pressure, and that makes me feel alive.

I want to send samples thence but my budget is non-existant (price inkjet cartridges lately? Sure. I know you have) I'm creating a portable website, mailable, throw-uppable in a trice, and with the ability to include files as a download section. The weapon of specific information: Dreamweaver CS3. Love Dreamweaver. That I'm using it now reminds me why I prefer it to GoLive. Oh, how I wanted to like GoLive...

I love the web. Just love it.

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