29 August 2007

[pdx] KATU Puts On a Fine Show

929. The KATU Blogger meetup came off with little trouble. It was a great time.

Now me, I'm quite awkward in social situations until I can find a person or two to talk with, and I did pretty soon. It was a thrill to meet people like dieselboi, Lelo, The Mercury's Scott Moore, Kai, Nothstine, and Betsy Richter amongst others (If I missed you, just shoot me a note, I'll put you in there).

Regardless of what anyone might feel about on-air talent, the KATU news anchors were the very definition of affable. Incrediby nice and friendly people. I was pleased to meet Rod Hill and Debra Knapp–just missed meeting Steve Dunn–and they were just the sweetest people. It was uncanny the way Rod Hill could just pick up a conversation with you talk with you.

I'll post a bit more on it when I've let the event percolate. Like many there, I've got piccies too.

Update: Here's the entry with the incriminating photos!

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Jeff the Great said...

I was initially suspect of the event, but it was pretty good. Like you said, the KATU staff was great (and that includes the Off-Air personalities)!

Decent swag too.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, yeah, you know it...I love the little Fisher corp-logo 128 MiB flash drive. The custom-wrapped chocolate bar...I'm not sure I want to break into that one. The can of Rockstar...well, it's just like any other can of Rockstar. But the rest was pretty cool.

Getting to see the inside of a television studio was one of the things I'd always wanted to do. And everyone was such gracious hosts.

We did talk at length with Mark Sutton (who is one of the engineers there) who gave us a quick 'busman's tour' of certain things. Now that was a peak experience.

brianwestbrook.com said...

Thanks for coming, glad you had fun... Check out some photos and my personal recap here.

Ditto on your comments about the KATU staff -- they were, in a word: amazing.

JimK said...

Ahh, was hoping to run into you last night. I guess I didn't do enough crowd surfing to chat with you. I'll put up a number of photos from the bowels of KATU tomorrow on blog.extensis.com


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


It's probably my fault just a little too. Since I don't get out nearly as much as I should, it took me a few more minutes than most to get comfortable there. Thanks for the word!