11 August 2007

[design] There's Something About Quark

900. One of the perennial digital design stalwarts, and erstwhile electronic layout King-of-the-Hill (via the well-known QuarkXPress layout engine) is having some hiccups on the way to its future.

As documented by Pariah S. Burke, an anonymous source (called by some "Deep Quark" and others "Deep Page", take your pick) has delivered what must certainly be some unsettling news.

Quark, Inc, as is the right of privately-held companies, keeps most all of its cards close to the vest. So, when a source tells our intrepid reporter that there have been massive layoffs, accelerated spending, and sales numbers somewhere near the cellar, that's one thing. It could be just a disgruntled employee.

But when Quark, Inc, one of the more private companies in digital graphics, responds to that same reporter with an interview with the company's CEO, that can only leave people scratching thier heads, regardless of the veracity of the information thereof.

But judge for yourself:

  1. Read the original article announcing what Deep Page had to say.
  2. Then read the article in which Quark CEO Ray Schiavone responds to Pariah.

It's all at QuarkVsInDesign.com, yo.

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