04 August 2007

[liff] It's Caturday, with Special Guest Paula Abdul

889. A couple of LOLCats I created at the drop of a whisker whilst chatting with the people over at DU on the Mike Malloy Friday Check In Thread...the following photo is courtesy the nom de plume Ms November.

First, the wry, minimist one:

And, next, the more borscht-belty one:

I'd post these over at icanhascheezburger.com, but for two reasons: first, the picture was nicked from a forum pal and it's kind of hers, too, and second, while I lurves me some ICHC.com, their submission rules basically amount to we pwn the work now. Fair's fair; they set the terms, I don't have to accept them, but I don't participate with "original" work.

And, just as a bonus, here's what I call a "LOLPaulaAbdul", based on a pic I once again nicked from Mercury's Blogtown:

Have a happy Caturday, everybunny!!!

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Iron Fist said...

And what would the Internets be without LOLcats?

Well done -- these are pretty funny.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks. I had fun with them.

And naturally we have plenty of kitties here on the home front, which means lots of LOLcat fodder.