18 March 2008

[bloggage] Getting the Meta Outa My System

1425. I don't do meta posts much. I think the most self-indugent thing a person who's blog isn't exactly the most popular around is opening a post with "In case anyone's noticed I haven't been posting so much lately", mostly because – in my case – nobody really has, or has cared.

(I'm not going for sympathy here, just stating the obvious, and making this post as self-indulgent as I claimed I hated. Well, bear with. I am, as I said, getting a bit of meta out of my system. That said, anyone who wants to link here, gets a link in return. And I gots buttons!)

Over the past year my number of hits-per-day have been steadily building. In some sense, I'm getting this blogging thing right. 100-visit-per-day days used to be very rare. Lately, they've been a bit more common. But the biggest thing I've noticed latterly is BlogShares.

Now, I don't play BlogShares, but I noticed a long time ago that my blog was listed and I thought it was fun. Recently, the valuation of this hyar blog went from about B$ 19,000 to over B$ 2,000,000. As apparently did a lot of blogs. There seems to be some sudden and bizarre superheating of the blog market. It's touched on in the BS blog.

I can't make sense of it myself, but I'm finding it interesting nonetheless.

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Iron Fist said...

Tell you what Sam, let's get a pint of beer one of these days and I can tell you all about this blogging thing.*

*as much about this blogging thing as I know, clearly I'm not expert.

Iron Fist said...

Ugh. I meant to say "no expert."

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Is okay. Me no expert on somthings neither!


I must take you up on the beer sometime tho.