01 March 2008

[pdx} Time Lapse into the Sunset: I-205 and Division to OR 217 in 1:19

1401. Photoshop CS3 Extended rocks. I suggest it to everyone.

This particular "time lapse" is made up of 157 separate shots taken from when me and The Wife™ went to Beaverton last week on the 27th (now I can't remember why we did it). The ViviCam 3705 was mounted on the table top articulated tripid that I used to do the two sequences from Rocky Butte/Joseph Wood Hill Park. While slightly unsuited to those two applications, it was eminently appropriate to this one, as I was able to make a relatively stable platform on the dash of the car.

The drawback is keeping one finger on the shutter for the whole trip, and having to watch the little screen and hit the button again. Also we were driving into the sun (it was between 17:00 and 17:30) and the windshield was dirty. Like I've said, you work with what you have.

But still I like it.

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