12 March 2008

[design] I Can Has Client Naow!

1410. It is my pleasure to announce that last night I signed a contract to develop a logo identity for a local entrepreneur.

At this point I'm not yet at liberty to say exactly who or what (this is a client confidentiality issue at this point, not some matter of national security or anything like that). I will say that the client is a local blogger of some fame whom I also admire for their witty and respectful but irreverent approach to reality.

A designer bridges the gap between the client's desire and making that desire as real as possible. We are problem solvers. We are also learners. I learned some surprising and neat things at our meeting. And it's my full intention to translate those desires into as firm and final a product as can be had.

I'm going to give them the best possible service I can. Because that's the way I roll, yo.

And, during development, as far as the client will allow, I'll give a peek into the process, because this open public notebook is as much about how I develop things (and how they develop me) as anything else.

It might just make me famous ... it will make me happy. I was chosen by a fabulous client.

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fringes said...

Congratulations! I totally knew you when...

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks, lady - you rock major ways. I mean that.