14 March 2008

[logo_design] Anyone Noticed The New Providence Hospital Logo?

1417. Noticed in passing; it's not been really promoted or announced.

This is the logo the various Providence facilities, and well known in the Portland area. The spare, hypermodern Latinate cross referencing the religious founders of the Providence network; the cool blue, a color frequently found in graphics referencing hospitals; the use of two fonts to differentiate the system name from the facility name (also divided by the bar).

Providence logo, before (largest graphic I could find:)


Providence logo, after

This works really well. The type is easier on the eyes, and therefore more friendly; the blue still is with us, but what really brings this alive is the warm yellow in the arc which gives impressions of sunrise, rebirth, new day, positive images and warm and friendly connotations.

The new Providence identity is warmer and friendlier in its rethought name: Providence Health & Services, which is more personal and less intimidating than the idea of a Health System, which can have negative, cold and impersonal connotations in today's world.

This is a success. I respond to and enjoy it. Wonder which agency?

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Anonymous said...

The agency was Lippincott Mercer in New York. Now just Lippincott.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks! I found them here:


Nothing about the Providence redesign, but they sure have touched a lot of big names that many people have heard of.

Thanks for the tip.