23 March 2008

[design] We're Doing It ...

1437. Just not writing about it latterly.

But we will be again very soon.

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LT said...

Hey, it occurred to me to give you a link to my old friend's place here in town. He's good. (I think you'll agree - but you designers...) He's even got my CD in his portfolio.

Hey- really good take-apart of the whole "Why can't I call them that!" idiocy. Really good. Thanks.

And I already said this somewhere else, but Instapundit's defense that he didn't link to that post, only to that blog - well, can we expect a link to a cute little Easter post on aryannation.com soon, dumbass?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the link, LT. That firm's work is solid. If I lived on that end of the state, I'd be sending them a resume.

Appreciate the kudo on the commentary. I get so sick of whining white people puling about how they "can't" call minorities by historical pejoritives even though they do it themselves. Poor them. I simply don't because it's he human thing to do. Nobody's forbidding me. I just don't want to seem like a neanderthal. And I wouldn't like it if they were doing it to me.

And the only thing I have to say about Gl*nn R*ynolds is that he is famous far, far far beyond his due. He is the flea you get up with after you lie down with dogs.

Our country is lost in so far as people like him are considered American intellectuals.