26 March 2008

[design] Client Meetings; I Haz Them

1445. I had one yesterday, I'm having one today.

While I haven't arrived where I want to be I do have a couple of very interesting leads right now. Actually I've contracted one and written about it; there is a logo being developed. The illustrations indirectly reference what I'm doing but, just to be maddening, I'm not saying anything about them yet. So they mean nothing to you, the reader. Neener!

The thing about a good client meeting is when you present something and it resonates. I'm looking for a response where the other person answers emotionally. Design connects on that level. It moves us.

The other lead I have has to do with writing actually. Someone was impressed by my bloggage (both frequency and quality). It looks intriguing and I love to write (and, hey, it shows) and I'm hoping this will work. It seems adventurous.

I'll write what I can about the actual content of these things when I can. But I've run into some really cool people of late. And I'm enjoying that.

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Judy said...

I rather like the frog. :-)