17 March 2008

[liff] Portland to Sacramento, The Coming Back Part, Part II; Stalking Mount Shasta

1423. In the last part (go there first if you started here), we detailed our attaining of escape velo from Sacramento and flirtation with the Sutter Buttes. 

As we passed Shasta Lake, I got a better view ... I was on the good side of the car this time.


We prepare to get pictures of Shasta. We love volcanoes, you see.

Recall that, on the way down. Shasta had her head in the clouds on a steel-gray day. The pictures even looked cold. Back the other way:


... quite the opposite. The area was feeling kind of arid, but no less beautiful.

Here's Black Butte, from the south side:


Indeed, in the sunlight, Shasta and Shastina showed themselves off to best effect:


And as we came back around north of the mountain, we had earlier images in a new light:


As the sunlight finally left us, we passed Hilt at Exit 796 ...


And thence into Oregon, home again. Interstate 5, Exit 1. Up the road a bit, it was back at the Sonic for a snack, contacting and being contacted by loved ones, and then into the Siskiyous at night (where all the lovely scenery disappeared).

We weren't back in Portland until after midnight. Exhausted but happy; it was just a car trip, true, but it was something we'd never done before.

And we're wondering when we can do it again.

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Anonymous said...

Does that say "Hilt"? Great burger joint there. Not far from home.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yah, that's Hilt. First exit south of the border. Remarkable to me because of the exit number (796) and the fact that a hilt is also the part of a knife you hold.

I think I may have found the burger joint you mentioned ... is is this one?:


Must be interesting to be able to nip over the border and get liquor there. Not having to go to a state liquor store is just such a strange thing to me ...

As far as the picture, I tried to get Hilt going south and missed my aim; northbound the light was failing and I waited too long. Wasn't meant to be, sadly.