02 March 2008

[design] QuarkXPress About To Leave The Desktop?

1402. The war over the desktop between QuarkXPress, the erstwhile DTP king, and Adobe InDesign, could be ending – at least as far as the designer's desktop is concerned – if the rumor reported by my colleagues at Designorati turns out to be true:

The rumor is this: In the coming days, certainly by the end of First Quarter calendar 2008, Quark, Inc. will announce a total migration of its flagship product QuarkXPress from a desktop publishing application to an enterprise-level server publishing solution client. In other words: Quark will discontinue selling individual copies of QuarkXPress for use on standalone desktops. To continue using QuarkXPress beyond version 7.3, the rumor goes, will require utilizing QuarkXPress as a network client to an enterprise-grade publishing server such as QuarkXPress Server or Quark Publishing System.

Read the article at Designorati.com, and judge for yourself. Jeremy and Pariah present an extremely compelling case. I suppose one could argue that the migration of QuarkXPress, once the program for page layout artists, away from the desktop and into a web-based client-server arrangement, means that Quark is conceding the layout-engine war. I don't think it means anything less than the end of an era, however.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on Quark.

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