10 March 2008

[liff, sca] A Brief Taste of a Road Trip

1407. We just got back from an heraldic road trip. I have the pictures. Here's the merest taste:


Mount Shasta in northern California is one of the two most southerly Cascade volcanoes, anchoring the south end of the range alont with Lassen. The summit altitude is over 14,000 feet ... but the peak itself is only about 10,000 feet high, due to the elevation of the base in the area where the Siskiyous and the southern Cascades merge.

Our trip involved attenting the West Coast Voice Heraldry Collegium (which my colleagues insist on calling Wack Vack) in the Province of Golden Rivers, Principality of Cynagua, Kingdom of the West. We carpooled. Just for the sake of information, if you shotgun it, it's about 10 hours. If you have to stop in a couple of places, it can get to be 12 hours quite quickly. At least it's all by freeway.

Another bit of info for you; Shasta rises from a relatively flat plateau and is in an isolated position, so the freeway comes almost right up to the base of the peak, affording viewpoints you can't get from any other western volcano.

The above photo is how it looked on the way back. This photo:

Is how it looked on the way down. It is quite a beautiful mountain.

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pril said...

I see Mt Shasta every Wednesday, from the 97, the 89 and the 5. It's the only part of my job I like anymore :P On the 97 you can see the lava flows from past eruptions much more clearly, and looking west over Juniper Valley are all the spatter cones. But I love the view of it from the 97, you come up even closer to it than on the 5.