23 December 2007

[bloggage] Critical Content Link Love

1200. As someone who blogs regularly I like to think that maybe, sometimes, people come here because of something in particular that appeals to them. It's incredibly flattering, since I'm still climbing up off the Long Tail, when someone does so.

Today I discovered that someone linked over here specifically because of a series of posts; germanely, the Channel Surfing series I've been doing. For those just joining us here, that is the series of posts I'm doing that are examining the many ways the TV station logo can go, number by number. We're currently on the 8's. We're taking a very brief breather, then going into the 9's, headed for 13, the end of the VHF dial, and will rejoin the series very soon now. We haz the rhythm, you see.

Anyway, the post that referenced that is here, at the ironically-named telescreen.org (we adore 1984). But I am not afraid of Big Brother; at least he will link to me (seriously, sir, thanks for the hat tip. More TV Channely-goodness to come!).

In other matters of bloggage, I have been using the Qumana blogging client for the last several discourses. I'm really liking it. There are small things I need to find out about – for instance, if I update a post, it goes back in with extra line break tags – and this is a beta still in development. What's more, it lets me update posts after I redirect my Blogger feed to FeedBurner–Contribute CS3 was just not going to work with me on that.

Being what it is, in development, I'm looking forward to being able to check off Categories from within the post editor (can't do that yet) and some minor bugs to be worked out (there is a publish hang that can be simply worked around by saving the discourse first).

But I'm liking Qumana. I'm going to blog with it for the forseeable future, and every missive I do post with Qumana will have the credit at the very bottom (click the link to check out Qumana for yourself).

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