24 December 2007

[liff, design] Why Andy & Bax Is Cool

1201. Found by a certain The Wife™ at Andy & Bax a couple of days back:

Apollo XVII was, of course, the last time mankind visited the moon.

The Apollo program ended with XVII, three missions early, which to me is one of the saddest facts in American history. But the patch really takes our editorial staff (consisting of Yours Truly, a cup of Buttered Rum-flavored coffee, and a couple of Christmas cookies) back to that signal time when America could – and did – send a man to the moon ... about once every year or so.

So, with that, Merry Christmas, Joyous Samhain, or what ever way your pendulum swings, good peoples. Your dogma, as such, threatens me not, or mine yours; we all need to get along ... remember, axial tilt is the reason for the season, the X in Xmas isn't just an X, and Santa was annexed from several European traditions. Subvert the dominant paradigm!

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