18 December 2007

[liff] Charities We Wouldn't Give To

1196. Now that the season of giving and getting is in full swing, a lot of people are taking a second look at their giving and getting.

And we here at The Zehnkatzen Times approve. We tend to agree that, on the whole, this is more of a "what's in it for me" society and that maybe it should change just a little bit. So, the trend in giving to charity in other's names is a bit of welcome cheer (even if it's kind of a buzzkill for anyone younger than, say 12).

But you just can't give without checking out the charities. Due diligence is required. Here are few charities we've heard rumors about that we don't suggest giving to:

  • Doctors Without Licenses

  • My Next Door Neighbor's House's Foundation

  • The Foundation Garment Foundation

  • The Banana Appeal

  • Foundation for a Silly Life

  • Association for Building Strong Bodies 12 Ways

  • The Disorganized Way

  • The Just Give Me Money Foundation

  • Drunks Against Mad Mothers

  • Jerry's Squids

  • The Center for Not Being On The Edge

  • The I.M. Hirsute Tonsorial Memorial

  • The "Meh" Foundation

  • The Hoary Chestnut Association

  • The David Reinhard Action Word Fund

  • Telemarketers for Advanced Kabbalah Study

  • The Lorem Ipsum Foundation

  • The Appeal Appeal (because we didn't do it right the first time)

  • Give Your Local Manx A Tail

  • AmeriDoesn'tCare

  • A Three-lettter-abbreviation, A Girl, and A Pizza Place

  • Portland Developers

  • The Foundation to Give Bill Sizemore a Living

  • The Unappealing Appeal

  • Fathers Against Halitosis

  • People Against Appeals (and the People who Love them)

There are undoubtedly more charities you should avoid. The point we're trying to make here is do your homework , people–and if you do give, give generously to a deserving cause!

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