13 December 2007

[design] Resume Before/Resume After

1186. I finally got the chance to deliver a certain dear effort I'd done for someone. Ed is a good friend that we've go way back with and lives in Salem, so we don't see him and his family all the time, but we do keep up as we can. One of his boys, a really winsome fellow named Nathan, is passionate about acting, and he's played a few roles. He's just getting started in his career.

Some time ago, Ed handed me a copy of Nathan's resume. He admits he's no designer, and I saw a chance to improve something, so I did. Tonight I finally got the chance to deliver the results of what I did. here's approximately what it looked like before (apologies to dialup customers–they're a little big):

To Ed's credit, he used MS Excel to lay out the resume. That's someone I'd not of thought of.

And here's what it looked like after I got through with it:

Quite the difference. I know nothing of the acting world, but it seems to me that a resume for an actor ought to communicate in terms of a familiar grammar. The flash insight I had was of someone sliding a photo across the table to someone else. Large simple type is designed to grab the eye but also enhance the content. And leading with your name is always a plus.

Ed and Nathan were both thrilled with what I did. And I had fun with it.

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