21 December 2007

[design] About Jeff Fisher's Identity Crisis! @ Designorati

1199. Yeah, I reviewed Jeff's book @ Designorati ... and I'd do it again, see?

The review has been noted at Jeff's Identity Crisis! book blog, and I also shout out to Jeff (since I was unable to attend Portland Graphic Designers Kaffeeklatsch today – I'm planning on doing next month, promise!). I adopted a more catholic tone over there, but this is my personal space, and I can be a bit more unreserved about it; seriously, this book kicks it major ways.

It is a terribly good book, and it will be of especial interest to graphic designers in general and the logo-enabled in particular. But what really impressed me about it was the way it appealed to the 'non-designers' I know (of which there are, of necessity, several). Maybe it's the book's design, and maybe it's Jeff's personable style, or maybe it's both. But they really enjoyed reading it and I did have to do a bit of inveigling to get my review copy back.

My favorite design books are the ones that you read then, in slack moments, browse through – they stick to your brain. Identity Crisis! does just that.

So, it don't matter who you are, mah babies ... hie yourself over to Jeff's blog and read about it, then buy it, you peoples! Srsly!

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