01 December 2007

[bloggage] NaBloPoMo: Job Done!

1166. I, along with a lot of other people, have completed that inspired silliness, NaBloPoMo. I enjoyed it. It never really became a treadmill for me; as a matter of fact, I found even more interesting things to explore and to write about.

And if maybe my visitor volume didn't come up to where I'd hoped it would and maybe American didn't fall in love with me like I'd hoped it would, I did fall even more in love with writing and creating.

I'm not designing for pay yet, but yesterday night I entered an idea in a contest (a lark, for non-design prizes, yo, still flyin' the NO!SPEC banner y'all) and since I'd left it off for the last minute I got it done quickly. The design had been gestating in my mind for a couple of weeks (sometimes, you just can't thumbnail except in the gestalt).

I've upped my Photoshop game–I don't think I could have done those old Salem sign mockups a couple of missives back before. Now my skill set's bigger.

I may still not be one of the more popular PDX bloggers, but I remembered that I'm doing it for fun, and for the creative outlet that it offers pretty much whenever I want it.

NaBloPoMo badge courtesy this blithe spirit.

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