17 December 2007

[bloggage] Tools: Qumana Blog Post Editor

1191. One of the things I've been in search of was a dependable blog editor that did two things:

  1. Made styling text quick and simple, as it is when I use a word processor, and

  2. Was dependable many ways, especially in keeping the leading and space-afters absolutely consistent.

For a long time my needs were served by Adobe Contribute CS3, which always did feel a little not-ready-for-prime time. Recently and suddenly, it started hanging again–freezing on loading the blog, and not coming back. The Blogger editor under Firefox was okay, but was inconsistent on the leading, looking good before a list or a blockquote, and nearly set-solid after. Yick.

Bleezer–good concept, problematical execution under OS X.

Now, I'm trying Qumana. I'm not recommending  yet, but I am going to give this babe a run for its money. More news to come.

Thanks to Fred Fabro for being responsive to complaints and requests. I've got some feedback for him already. And it's not WYSIAlmostWYG, like Contribute was, but it looks workable.

I'll keep you all posted. By posting.

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