31 December 2007

[liff, bloggage] Happy New Year: Submit To Me, I Tell You!

1219. Let's be honest here; the last year had its high points, but I didn't wring what I thought I should be able to out of it. We all have our ups and downs; Job searching is fine; job-not-finding kind of sucks, as such, a whole lot.

Latterly, while feeling particularly stymied, I was reading words of one of the "25 Emerging Talents" in STEP inside design magazine; I don't have the issue to hand, but (paraphrasing) he said the trick is to keep knocking on the door until it opens.

Well, I'm still knocking. Giving up isn't an option, not nececelery because it's noble or anything, but because the alternative – well, let's not think that way. I'm not a believer in positive attitudes being some magic elixir that actualizes the environment, but I do think positive attitudes amount to an anodyne that will pull one through when nothing else will. Why go on about this? Because one of the subtexts to this blog is my pursuit in finding some success in graphic design, and the flip side of that is, naturally, not finding success in design. There have been some high points, as I said, and low points. I will admit to the low points. There's been more than I needed to have, this time round the sun.

Well, enough about me. I have been given ample reason to just quit trying this last stretch, and there's no sin in simply refusing to quit. So continue I shall. It's the only thing one can do, really.

Now, all that lachrymosity out of the way, there's some reminders to those who land by here, and a new request:

  1. I still very much lust after street signs. Once again, I mean the blades that identify the streets themselves. Our Mid-Continent Bureau Chief Stan Kost (he with the lovely The Wife Nicole™) have provided me with solid gold in that department. I am different in this wise in that I'm not only looking for unusual blades, I'm also looking for the usual ... a blade that depicts how an average street is signed. I'd like to work it up into a gallery of such things, complete with review and crit. If you have one I'd be thrilled to post (with full credit) please send it hither.

  2. In view of my Channel Surfing series, the TV Logo Library, I'm wanting to also add TV News opens and animated logo footage. Does anyone have anything like that? if so, I'll post it in my YouTube Channel. Send it hither and/or yon.

Blogging is fun ... it's more fun if I can get someone to play with me.

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