13 December 2007

[pdx] Not That I Can Afford Any Events There, But It Still Sucks

1184. Vulcan is selling the naming rights to the Rose Garden Arena. Yay, us!

Brent Hunsberger, in todays Big O, says all that needs to be said about it:

That means the Blazers could play their home games in an arena named as blandly as Key Arena in Seattle or as omnipresent as Oracle Arena in Oakland, home to the Golden State Warriors. Or EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City, named after a company that disposes of nuclear waste

It frequently irritates me that Rose Garden events are typically priced out of my range, even the ones I'd actually want to go to; at least I liked the design of the building and the fact that I could go past it without cringing. This might sound funny from someone who fancies themselves a graphic designer, but it gets tiresome living in a world where there is no such thing as something that can't be used for advertising.

And so it goes, I suppose.

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