16 December 2007

[pdx, liff] This'll Meier Your Frank

1189. So that hotel called "The Nines" that's going into the upper part of the old Meier & Frank building is going over budget, and that picture that Big O photog Michael Lloyd had published in last Tuesday's number just got under our skin.

Preventing me from dwelling too much on the way knowing that people building a facility that I'm simply too poor to enjoy can expect more tax money to fix their mistakes with a straight face (isn't it strange that we despise the poor for begging from the government but when it's business, it's just jake? Meditate on that irony, good peoples) was the fact that while the picture was well done, there was just one thing missing ... now what could that be ...

I know! A dose of LOLspeak is needed here ...

Picture by Michael Lloyd of The Oregonian.
LOL commentary by Yours Truly.

Much better!

(PS to The O: I make funny joak, friendlies! Please don't sue me! Also, I still need a layout job! I'm available! Call me! You have my resume!)

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