17 December 2007

[qumana test post for saving then posting]

1192. What it says it is.

What we're now going to do, with the help of our friend Ampelmann here, is to edit a post that already has pictures in it.

At this time, no blog posting client of which I'm aware allows you to upload pix through them into Blogger. As near as I can tell, this is a Blogger thing, not necessarily a client thing; Blogger just does not allow it at this time.

This led to problems when using Bleezer to edit the post on the Channel 6 logos (that's why the pix are hard-left justified rather than centered). And ever since I made that edit, the little "envelope" icon for mailing posts has gone freejack (though around here, that shouldn't make much of a difference).

So, here it goes. After applying tags, I update. Illo loaded separately, then post re-edited and updated.

And this is a blog edit after I redirected feedburner feed

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