28 December 2007

[logo_design] Some More KOMO

1013. One of the more hard-to-get logos was the one for Seattle's 1st-magnitude star in the Flag net, KOMO, Channel 4.

The web page is one which completely elides the channel number, preferring to identify as simply "KOMOTV.COM" in the current graphic style. I was, however able to catch a few minutes of the live webcast tonight, and they've got some pretty good graphics going on. Here's a screen grab of the two anchors at work:

I enjoy the way the lower third merges into the logo.

The KOMO logo is incorporated into a video bumper that makes it part of a ribbon that rotates toward the viewer during the transition:

It's clever. Motion, but not too much, a flash of the station logo quickly supplanted by the point of the transition.

Here's a wider view of the news set, which we thought well done: all arcs and lines converge on the stars – the two news anchors – but it doesn't keep the weather and sports anchors in the shadows:

The real treat was to watch the close, though. A rotating cube over views of Seattle, with 'gel-like' Mondrianesque squares moving over the background casting areas within in a luminous light palette. The cube shows ...

KOMO's logo in delightfully rich color:

The cube rotates to display the KOMO-AM radio logo:

... While the copyright ID information animates in from the left ...

... and the cube continues to rotate, revealing the station's web URL ...

... finally rotating to reveal the TV station's logo again:

The KOMO graphics work on a variety of levels. It's interesting to watch. It has strong music driving it. It respects its own reality – the cube has six sides which logically work –when it revolves completely, we're back to the beginning. And even though I am of a Portland frame of mind, it's obvious to even my eye that downtown Seattle has always taken attractive pictures, and the close shows it off brilliantly.

Okay, you folken have been patient. The Borg jokes can commence now.

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