28 December 2007

[logo_design] Some Older Station Reviews With Logos

1210. This is something just stumbled on, and bears mention in passing because it has a little history and a very sassy POV.

This page by a user at Geocities who likes to review stations has a good selection of logos which have changed. Particularly interesting is the KOMO 4 logo which was probably the last version of the "Square 4" that they used (If anyone can remember when the old UPN logo changed from the "Circle-Square-Triangle" to the lower-case upn in a circle, that would date it ... I don't have the date to hand right now)

The page is obviously by an opinionated watcher who pulls few, if any punches. Of WESH-2 Orlando's Newscast (then, okay, guessing 2002-2004ish) they bluntly opine:

A pretty cheeset (sic) NBC affiliate. The News has some poor talent, including a weekend Sports Anchor with a strong southern accent! The Anchors desk is covered with papers that the anchors appear to look at often. Are they trying to petend that there is no teleprompter? The constant paper shuffling is quite distracting, and definately brings the newscast down a notch

And, of central Pennsylvania's PBS station WITF, short, sharp, and sweet:

A run of the mill PBS station, with really bad local productions. Their pledges look as bad as public access, so please pledge money, they need it!

Oh, snap!

(Old Style KOMO Logo nicked from that page. Main page(The Media World) here.)

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