17 December 2007

[pdx_politik] "Sho" Me, Mr Dozono ...

1193. Sorry about that title, it's the best teh funnay I could come up with on short notice.

Our regular RSS read Hot Fresh Now just broke (via PTrib) that Sho Dozono, Azumano supremo, is getting ready to take the plunge to challenge Our Man Sam.

As usual, me, being distracted as I am, know less than I ought. Time to bone up. But from what I've seen, he could also be good for Portland; at least his social justice heart is in the right place, as this report The Big O did back in aught-four. Putting it succinctly and bluntly, my favorite quote is thus:

Today we seem to be a divided nation arguing the pros and cons of same-sex marriage. A question in my mind is: What part of the Declaration of Independence don't we understand? Does it not state that all of us are created equal? What part of equal don't we understand?

Well said.

Downside: Supported "Curiously-Strong Mayor". Still not crazy about that idea.

Finally, the Mayoral contest may be an actual horse race! Let the campagining begin, I say!

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