13 December 2007

[design, logo_design] Tips From An Obvious Master

1185. From Inside / Outside: From the Basics to the Practice of Design, Second Edition, by Malcolm Grear:

(a logo is) a simple tool, like a hammer; it has a straightforward function. Anything that gets in the way of that function weakens the effectiveness of the tool. Keep it simple. Same for symbols. Simplicity, clarity, elegance. And by elegance I mean the sort of form that a wide diversity of viewers will find visually active and easily remembered. Being memorable matters a lot. If the form is ornate, it can't stick in memory. Simple and ugly is easy; simple and boring is easy; simple and vague is also easy.

That's one reason I aspire to logo design. CreativePro.com has an excerpt from the above New Riders book (which is where the quote comes from) which you can download (it's a PDF) via the article at this link hyar.

Highly recommended.

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