06 December 2007

[logo_design] Salem's Own KVDO-TV 3 (1970-1976)

1176. From our headquarters in Electric Logoland, another ZehnKatzen Labs production:

Salem's own Channel 3, KVDO TV. KVDO (the VDO meant video, and some locals called it K-Video for a short while) signed on in February 1970 to big capitial city press. It was an independent station that tried to mount its own news operation, and it was a moderate hit in Salem, but no matter how popular such a station is, it always had to operate in the shadow of the Portland stations–a competition which, by 1976, proved too stiff. Independent Channel 3 signed off an became a star in the OPB constellation.

In 1976, after KVDO was acquired by OPB and began simulcasting PBS programs, Channel 3 went dark from February to September of that year, when an upset local Salem viewer decided to protest the sale to OPB by cutting down the transmission tower. Eventually the station was moved to Bend, which had no OPB coverage, signing on in 1983 as KOAB-TV.

This version of the logo is about 90% faithful to the original. The only record I've been able to find online of KVDO's existence is in the Wikipedia article on Oregon Public Broadcasting, and in this page which is apparently some sort of private individual's record of who had a TV station where and when, and has a very small TV 3 graphic (scroll down to see it) which was apparently clipped at some time from a newspaper or TV Guide ad (there are some other local logos as well, good for the memories). The "TV" letterforms within the frame need tweaking, and the KVDO outside the frame was simply some Times I slapped up there. This too is a work in progress. Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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