25 June 2008

[bike_diary] Scenes From A Fine Afternoon Ride


A few from my neck of the woods.

This one is from the unfashionable part of Hawthorne Blvd:

This next one is a very charming old sign in what amounts to the right-of-way that SE 115th Ave would be in between SE Salmon and Main Streets ... if it had ever been built. There's a path that goes through there. I was probably trespassing, now that I think about it ... but I got right back out of there.

I've already gone on at length about how much I love looking at Wy'east. I just wish my camera would return the image my mind actually sees. My eyes see something much larger. SE 117th at Division.

The Gethsemane Lutheran Church at SE 117th and Market. It's funny to see a Christian church that looks like a pyramid. Of course, that could be just me.

And another right-of-way for SE 115th Ave, going from SE Hawthorne Blvd through to SE Market Street (that's Market Street in the distance. Lots of maps show this as a street open for travel. It's a lovely shortcut, very peaceful and nice.

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