10 June 2008

[modren_times] Gas Prices: Bad Here, Worse Elsewhere


Media Blog Queen Brittney Gilbert snapped this pic round her home digs in the greater Berkeley area:

$5.00/gallon Gas (brittney gilbert)

$5.39 premium. Gah. Photo shamelessly hotlinked.

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pril said...

there is a fabulous bass called the Basking Shark, by a company called Andreas. It has an aluminum fretboard. http://www.harmony-central.com/Events/MusikMesse00/Articles/Guitar-Bass/Andreas.html
This thing is totally gorgeous and I've heard its tone and sound are unparalleled.

pril said...

o and i have a picture somewhere in my computer of someone playing a guitar with a fish-shaped body at, of course, the Charleston Seafood festival in '02 or so. Once i have a monitor again, i'll share it :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks, pril. those are very sexy guitars and that fretless (it looks fretless) Basking Shark is just lovely and makes you want it a lot.

Can't wait to see the fish-guitar you saw. That just sounds like a lot of fun.

Until that time, I has Photoshop ...

(I think the article you were trying to follow was this one, yes?)

pril said...

yes it was that one and i put the same stupid comment there this morning, so feel free to delete one.. because i realized after i posted it today that i had already done it. Ah, the downfall to wakenbake.

I keep forgetting to write down the gas cost at the McDoel Shell down here this way. It's higher than the ones you've been posting about. Yesterday I believe it was $5.15 for 87.. Diesel is like, "give us your baby".