17 June 2008

[font_design] Fred Font "ZehnKatzen 4" has Four Fans


I'm still not taking the font world by storm (do I take anything by storm? Allow me that complaint ...) however, I note the happy thing that four people have downloaded it from FontStruct.

I'm busy coming up with more font ideas for, yeah, this is kind of fun, y'all.

Get yourself a preview of the Oregon-shaped font ZehnKatzen 4 here. It's TrueType. Download link provided.

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded and installed it, but I'm . . . uh . . . working on a use for it. I think it's cool. Stay tuned.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thank you, sir, for stopping by ZehnKatzen's Free Font shop today! New fonts are always in development, so stop by early and often!

Seriously, thanks for the word. That's very gratifying.