17 June 2008

[biketopia] Fixie=Xanadu?


I must admit, we've never understood the allure of the fixie. I love the good old-fashioned 10-speed ... and since I'll have to get back on one real soon now, for commuting and for reducing the wide load I'm currently carrying, I like having the lower gears.

That first few weeks back in the saddle are going to be hell on two wheels, man. Thank geography I'm only three miles away from work. Some of those hills worry me but ... I digress.

Like Jonathan Maus over at BikePortland (which I read a lot less than I ought to, yo) seems to amusedly note, the fascination over fixies is rather inscrutable. But there, I notice, he seems to be wondering whether or not the fixie fascination is a fad ... and whether or not that fad is about to peak.

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