30 June 2008

[typography] Wordle - Everything Is A Found Object In A Word Cloud


Just stumbled on a fun and quick little spree that was generated by a brilliant little web app called Wordle.

You all know what tag clouds are, yes? Wordle takes a block of text you input (or an RSS feed of your blog, for example) and generates a word cloud, where the most frequently-used words are largest. You can play with font, arrangement, color palette ... et voila! ... you have semi-accidental art upon which you can impose your own truth (or just enjoy the jumble and type play).

Plugging in my URL gave the following (clicky upon to go to the Wordle site and embiggen):

Utter coolness. Color, type. And, an FHWA-oid type face ... very appropriate!

Make yours here: Wordle.net

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