23 June 2008

[modren_life] The Real World Is Just An Abstraction Layer Of Homestar Runner


So help me cats, I don't know how I stumbled on these two culture points or what bizarre wild chance made it so that I saw one and thought of the other.

16 June 2003: The Brothers Chaps release sbemail #77, "Suntan", in which Strong Bad endeavored to get a tan ... and hit upon the invention "Ab-Abber 2000", which grants one a six-pack with the simple expedient of a Sharpie marker upon the stomach (don't forget the hatching):

Watch the whole sbemail here.

18 April 2008: The fashionista proprietrix of the Pursebuzz channel on YouTube (not necessarily NSFW (she's wearing a modest bikini), though your boss might wonder whatever it is you're doing watching a video of a 20-year old woman applying makeup to her belly, and it might just give you the "uh-oh" feeling) posts a video about how you can simulate toned abs with cosmetics:

I guess it caught my eye because I thought Is this the same thing as the Ab-abber? And then I realized ... it kind of was.

It's Strong Bad's world ... we just live there. Here's your proof.

(Important Disclaimer: no judgements on anyone using makeup (or Sharpies) to markup illusory abs is intended nor implied. But maybe Jung was right about synchronicity, although mine is on a tape delay).

Oh, also, "Sharpie" is a trademark of Sanford, Inc. There you go.

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