02 June 2008

[modren_times] Pringles Can Designer Dies; Buried in Pringles Can


(Cincinnati.com) This should be the punchline to a joke, but it isn't; this is for seriouslys.

Frederic J. Baur was a food scientist who invented the idea of storing Pringles Potato-crispy-thingies in that tennis-ball-can-shaped can.

He was rather proud of his work:

Dr. Fredric J. Baur was so proud of having designed the container for Pringles potato crisps that he asked his family to bury him in one.

His children honored his request. Part of his remains was buried in a Pringles can - along with a regular urn containing the rest - in his grave at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Springfield Township.

As far as I can tell, this isn't a goof. This apparently really happened. It's too late for an April's fool joke.

We should all die as proud of whatever it is we've accomplished in life ... I suppose.

Well, yeah, actually!

Provided it's something you should be proud of, of course.

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pril said...

pringles have, like, an 18-month shelf-life. And the only way you know they've gone bad is that they start to taste like the glue used on the containers.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

The weird thing about Pringle's is that you see them all over the place but it was only recently that they were actually popular.

Up until recently there was just one factory that made them ... and they were running below capacity.