01 June 2008

[pdx] The Tom Peterson Alarm Clock!


Noting in passing that The Tom Peterson Alarm Clock would be a kickass name for a band (apply to me for permission to use it ... baby needs a new pair of shoes ... a new computer ... to pay the mortgage ...) ... Again this blog gets a tip from the forums at OLive, this time, ironically, in a Blazers thread. Nifty!

The Tom Peterson's "Wake Up" Alarm clock is indeed the stuff of legend. Lucky are you who have one. They are occasionally available, but vanishingly rare: there's one right now on eBay that you can buy outright for $250.

But for those (such as me) who are poor and can't afford anything right now, I combined a picture I had of one with the sound file thoughtfully supplied by Blog Heroine Judy at Persistent Illusion. Hit "play" and relive the memories:

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Anonymous said...


Another Klein here.

I want the clock, I've been looking for it for a while. Help me get more made...

Haven't seen you on any media sites lately... Miss OMI...

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, Hallo there.

I'd love one too, but I've got naught but the sound file, and that was a gift from someone else. I won't be much help with actually getting one made, I'm afraid.

OMI's demise really dropped a big hole in the local landscape. Oregon Media Central's doing the best job so far, I think. I've a login there but I don't read near as much as I used to, or ought to really.

I'm flattered that I'm missed by someone anyway. Best to you. I'm still around-if you know where to look for me.