14 June 2008

[font_design] FontStruction: ZehnKatzen 4. Because You Need A Two-Character Font That is The Outline Of The State Of Oregon.


Like I said, here it is (click on the image to be of the download):

Right now there are just two characters in it. Capital A and small A. And they are both, at this time anyway, an outline of the state of Oregon, which is pretty much the best place there ever was.

This will be expanded into a full font and I'm also going to come up with a full range of outlines for the 50 states (some might be pretty tough, but that's why you push yourself).

And let's just take a minute to enjoy the mere shape of the state of Oregon. It's a very pleasant shape, no? There's a rightness to it, a balance and a visual feel that is just satisfying.

Not hatin' on any other place, but Oregon is the best place ever, yo.

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