11 June 2008

[type_design] A Very Short FontStruct Tutorial


So you went over to FontStruct because I told you to, because it looks cool and you want to make your own font and it's free. But you have the interface loaded up and you're thinking ... what do I do now?

New programs can intimidate the best of us, even when the interface is simple. So the excellent dudes at FontStruct have provided the following video tutorial, which may be seen, and is rather short and won't waste too much of your time and will really show you how painless it is to use FontStruct to create:

Introduction to FontStruct from fontstruct on Vimeo.

There you go. That was easy, wasn't it?

I've created a FontStruction here. It's sloppy and kind of rough but has a bit of charm. Majuscules only, no minuscules or numbers or any punctuation. I plan on seeing this through but wanted to share what I have now. Feel free to download!

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