17 June 2008

[net_life] Firefox Download Day hoHAH!!!


Firefox is out in multi-cool version 3.0! Yay!

Firefox wants to set a world's record! Yay!

Firefox gets Slashdotted! Yay!

Firefox gets Dugg! Yay!

All within an hour! Uhhh ... okay, yay!

Mozilla.org stops responding under the onslaught! Ummm ... yay?

Still trying to download after forty minutes? Ya, sure, youbetcha.

Our recommendation? Get Firefox 3 ... when you can.

Update at 1143 PDT: Finally started downloading after 45 minutes of trying. Firefox hits it out of the park, yo, but man ...

Update at 1146 PDT: The download proved to be Firefox 2! WTF? Trying again.

Update at 1152 PDT: Finally, it's starting ... And it is FF3 this time.

Update at 1156 PDT: Firefox 3 is online here at home. Yes, it was worth the struggle.

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zondron said...

maaan, i love the internet, this is funny

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'm used enough to stumbles on rollouts that it doesn't faze me much. I find it funny too.

Never liveblogged a product rollout before ...