10 June 2008

[type_design] FontStruct–Free Font Making For Everybody


FontStruct is a new, nifty, free web-based app (finally, something here about web 2.0!) that combines font-making for the simple font geek with community. I've tried it, and it's passing cool.

FontStruct Interface

Here's the way it works: You register for free, and fill an intuitive graph-paper-based interface with building blocks of a whole bunch of different shapes. Save your creation, download it as a TrueType font for personal use, or share and enjoy in the FontStruct community (where other 'Structors can opine and vote on how awesome your creation is.

Not everything can be built on blocks, though; FontShop hawks its own more sophisticated wares via an ad in various places in the interface. They don't get in the way, however.

I thought FontStruct was great fun, and the price is right. I wrote a bit more detailed account of my encounter on Designorati here.

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