28 June 2008

[street_blades] Maywood Park – Branding With Street Blades


Maywood Park, Oregon, is a city ... but I'll bet not many know where it is. This is something that's in the process of changing.

It's likely you've driven past it on NE 102nd between Prescott and Fremont without noticing. That's not for lack of beauty – it's one of the most pleasant areas we know of. To those not in the know, though, it could pass for another Portland neighborhood – with a high quality of appearance, to be sure.

Latterly, passing though the area myself, I noticed something new at the traffic signals at NE 102nd and Prescott and NE 102nd and Fremont ... new overhead street banners, mounted next to the signals. And they don't look like the standard Portland design.

Taking a closer look, we see a blue seal on one end. This (though It may not be too discernable in the resolution provided) is the logo for the City of Maywood Park.

We also notice that, unlike the overhead banners for Portland city streets, there are two other main differences: One, the mixed case of the type (Portland's is all majuscule) and two, the lack of a directional (all these streets wear the NE directional, of course)

The question of where the city line is most likely to be seems to be answered by observing the banners on the opppsite sides of the street from these pictures. They are just like the ones you see here ... but with no City logo. As we've noted elsewhere, with sign designs being so similar in many locales, a quick way to identify the jurisdiction you're in is to slap a city logo on. It also provides for an interesting-looking street sign, we think.

You might realize next time when you're passing alongside the pleasant city of Maywood Park, Oregon.

Just for kicks, here's some interesting facts about Maywood Park, gleaned from the Oregon Blue Book and the Wikipedia entry:

  • The city of Maywood Park covers 0.2 square miles

  • It has a population, at last estimate, of 777.

  • This results in a density of about 4,572 people per square mile. By way of comparison, Chicago has a density of of 2,123/sq mi, and Saint Louis, MO, has 5,717/sq mi.

  • The city was founded in 1967, primarily as a way of preventing I-205 from being built straight through. Resistance to the freeway by the city is the reason it swings west before curving NE again to go past the airport.

  • The median age is 44 years.

  • There are 314 housing units in Maywood Park. 92% are owner-occupied.

  • As of the 2000 census, the median home price in Maywood Park was $225,000.

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Dale said...

I've always wondered about that place but never got around to looking it up.

Next question: does it have its own militia?

I don't ask that in a worried way. I'm sure Portland could take 'em if it came to that.

Bryan said...

The I-205 bike and walking path goes right through it. Probably the prettiest stretch of the path too.