11 June 2008

[music] Sexah, Sharky Bass Guitars


Now, I don't know what it is about bass guitars, but they just drive people a good kind of crazy. And, if someone is inspired to build guitars, they come up with these stunningly clever and passionate things.

Pril just pointed me at a page at Harmony Central that I had to share. There's a bass maker somewhere in Europe, Andreas Guitars, who produces a line of basses, all of which have the word "shark" in the title. They produce a line of basses which have aluminum as parts and accents.

The illustration (shamelessly hot linked) depicts the Basking Shark model, and if it looks like it has an aluminum fretless fingerboard, that's because it does. Is that not sexy? Is that not sex-ah? Yes, yes it is.

Sadly, not only does Andreas not market to America, the link from the article goes somewhere else now. C'est la guerre, mon cher.

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