14 June 2008

[font_design] FontStruct = Prototyping Anywhere


One thing I was thinking that FontStruct was good for was protoyping on-the-go. Say you have an idea for a font ... one made of Oregon outlines, for instance – and you have a My-T-Fine program linke FontLab Studio, but you just want to goof around, and hey, you have a intermets connection available.

Get out the FontStructor:

... click on the download link, break open the resulting ZIP file, and load the .ttf file into your trusty FontLab Studio:

Good to go! including nifty and necessary vertical and horizonal font metrics!

A FontStruct logo is even in the .notdef character space, which is a classy touch.

When you're compelled to create and you have you a net connection and a few minutes on your hand, log into the FontStructor and toss some blocks around. When you're near your good friend FontLab Studio (and presumably, TypeTool as well) load up and get going!

On a related matter, this particular font, ZehnKatzen 4, which is made (as was earlier established) of just outlines of the state of Oregon, has been downloaded 2 times. And it's not complete! Nifty!

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