15 February 2008

[art] More Free Comics: Freak Angels (Mature)

1367. Story by Warren Ellis, dead gorgeous art by Paul Duffield (of whom I'm now a fan after seeing the first chapter), its the (most probably NSFW) story of thirteen very scary teenagers best described as the Midwich Cuckoos all disaffected twentysomethings, living in a drowned England they may (or may not) have had a part in destroying.

Free graphic novelty being a Good Thing™, it will please the punters that you can follow it free weekly at http://www.freakangels.com.

I'm following it. Just the right mix of post-apocalyptic story and beautiful, sexy art (the illustration is screen-capped from the online comic).

Warren Ellis is interviewed my Newsarama here; Paul Duffield here.

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