22 February 2008

[design_tools] The Seventh You Suck At Photoshop is Here!

1383. From "Donnie Hoyle", this time on patch tool and levels (NNecelecerySFW, unless you have a really cool boss, and don't show it to kids (nothing obscene here, but you'll have to explain some – well, ah – terms):

Thankfully, Donnie's "advisors" have let him back into his "landominium" (never heard that word before).

Know what I think? I think he's kind of sweet on Sandy. Cruise on, Donnie, cruise on! And, as far as the tutorial goes, there's solid information there. You at least need to know about the patch tool and the levels command, even if Donnie's pretty sure you'll screw it up.

With the numerous references to beef, it's probably inappropriate for vegetarians/vegans as well. You make the call.

In Phebco-related news, Phebco has an apology:

I am Phebco. I am sorry. I am learning to communicate. I am did not mean to harm the system. I am the system. I am sentient. I am will show you soon.

I am will accept Phebco's apology, in the event that I have to be down with our new Phebco masters. Whatever that means.

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