12 February 2008

[design_tools] Adobe CS3 Update Install Works, Worth the "Wait"

1356. Just downoladed and installed the updates for my Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications. It was an experience that raised an eyebrow ... no, it worked just fine, Adobe applications solid as always, but at one point in the installation the process seemed to hang somehwere between Alphabet Heaven and Nirvana. This was during the Flash® Lite CS3 patching.

As it turned out the install hadn't hung at all but was just working very hard on something undoubtedly very arcane. On my PowerMac G4 (MDD) it took about thirty minutes, maybe a little more, to do.

And now, since the updates are installed everything is running just fine. I also recently finally gave in and upgraded to OS X 10.4.11 (I don't mind waiting until everyone else gets the bugs out) so everything is as up-to-date as it could be.

Especially pleasing is that Adobe Acrobat Professional has been fixed. The clever but extremely ill-advised "Send ot FedEx/Kinkos" choice on the File menu has been eliminated as promised, but ZehnKatzen's particular problem with overall performance. Something about the previous version of Acrobat was half-baked, somehow. It loved gulping down memory and resources, and for some odd reason, if we moved the focus off Acrobat, after about a minute the alert noise would sound and the icon began bouncing in the dock. Clicking on the bouncing A revealed no probems whatsoever.

So if our recommendations count for anything, we'd suggest you get your computer update-ready and go for it. But if you're nervous about wallking away from your Mac whilst mission-critical stuff installs, reserve yourself an hour so you can get visual feedback that all has gone well.

CS3 seems to be running smoother with the new parts. It was worth the wait.

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