21 February 2008

[web_design, illustration] Avon Romance Blog Is a Romance For The Eyes

1381. You'd never find me within a a block, willingly or knowingly, near a romance novel; suffice it to say that they aren't my shot of rum. But apt website design – I am so there for that.

I managed to perambulate onto the Avon Romance Novel blog, a community blog contributed to by the editors of Avon Romance novels, pictured right.

Everything about the site clicks; the use of colors, type, and especially the illustrations. I'm in love with the illustration style, a sample of which I clipped and are displaying right. They've got this sassy-in-the-good-way, cool, flat-pastel-color style and the eyes just can't look away from.

I'd still never open a romance novel in a million years ... but as for the blog, my visual sense is definitely head over heels in love with it.

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