24 February 2008

[liff] Once Again, The Answer Is No

1385. In free verse:

As often as
I hear that word
You'd think
That it would lose its sting
But it does not.

The haiku
Was meant to raise
A smile I'm sure
But whatever one came
Was at best bittersweet.

And for What
It's Worth, the stickers were damaged in the mailing.

Such is life
But some wit told me
That the secret to open the door
Is not to stop knocking.

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Judy said...

Hi. I sent you an email last week but you didn't respond. Does that mean the answer was "no" ???

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I just dug your letter out of junk. My spam filters whomped your request. I have taken them out and given them a nice stern talking to.

For you, the answer is "yes"

I will answer you under separate cover and we will see if my skills can meet your needs.